Gabrielle ou les infortunes de la vertu

Release date : 04/14/2022

Placed under the authority of her brother, the Marquis d'Espeils, Gabrielle is fifteen years old when she meets her true love, a commoner named Pierre-André Coffinhal. But propriety forbids their union. Gabrielle is promised to a wealthy cousin, who proves to be a ruthless man.

Two years later, the death of the odious husband forces Gabrielle to leave her native Auvergne for Paris. There she discovers the ruthless court life under Louis XVI and resolves to accept the protection of a libertine, the Count de Villers. But the Revolution is underway and, in the midst of the storm, Gabrielle finds Pierre-André, a judge at the Revolutionary Court. In this period where the wind turns as fast as heads fall, will the reunited lovers finally be able to build the happiness that has been stolen from them?

By the same author

Blanche et la bonne étoile

French version of For the King

1800, Paris under the Consulate. Everything separates the young lovers. She, Blanche, is one of the queens of high society. He, chief inspector Roch Miquel, comes from a very modest background. What does it matter, they don't care about conventions. On Christmas Eve, an attack on Bonaparte claims dozens of victims. While the conspirators are in ambush in the shadows, Roch leads the investigation, wary of many traps and plots. But between his passion for the sublime Blanche, the shenanigans of his colleagues and the redoubtable Fouché, he can only count on himself.

For the King

In English.

For The King takes readers through the dark alleys and glittering salons of post-revolutionary Paris. It is a romantic thriller, a tale of love, betrayal and redemption.

Mistress of the Revolution

Original English version of Gabrielle ou les infortunes de la vertu.

An impoverished noblewoman, Gabrielle de Montserrat is only fifteen when she meets her first love, a commoner named Pierre-André Coffinhal. But her brother forbids their union, forcing her instead to marry an aging, wealthy cousin.

Widowed and a mother before the age of twenty, Gabrielle arrives at the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in time to be swept up in the emerging turbulence—and to encounter the man she never expected to see again. Determined and independent, she strives to find her own freedom as the Revolution takes an ever more violent turn.